Welcome to san francisco sport and spine physical therapy

We exist to get people better. We do that by listening to YOU and helping you achieve YOUR GOALS.

We don’t double book or use aides or assistants, so you spend all of your time directly with your licensed physical therapist to more quickly and efficiently achieve your goals. 

We are located in the heart of the Financial District, and in the Castro/Duboce Triangle neighborhood. 

Our Promise

We make happy patients.

We believe that your rehab is a partnership, and you’re the most important partner.

At your first visit, we will assess the root cause of your issue and let you know that you are in the best place to achieve your goals. And if you are not, we will make sure you get to the right place for you. 

Core Values

One more thing that we think is extremely important is to live and breathe our company core values every day, in every interaction. They are listed here for you. If for any reason you believe we have not lived up to these, please let us know and we will make it right. 

  • Be Self-Aware.
  • Practice Legally, Ethically and Honestly.
  • Strive for Excellence and Knowledge.
  • Do Good by Putting Patients First.
  • Give Respect. Earn Respect.
  • Display your Optimism.
  • Listen to Understand. Ensure Clarity. Engage with Candor.
  • Act Now. Do It Today. Get Results.