The short answer? Sit up straight!

Yesterday we saw 2 CHP officers sitting at a table outside Peet’s, looking at their phones. Their posture was horrible. And we see that all the time. The thing that made this stand out was that they were in uniform, with their motorcycles parked nearby. As motorcycle officers, they are coached on posture. It’s better for them on their bikes, improves alertness, and makes for better body mechanics and responsiveness. They know this. Yet, the 2 of them were heads down, slouched, looking as bad as any tween on Instagram.

We’re here to help when something goes wrong, but we’d much prefer if you stayed healthy and out of pain. Try the following quick tips to keep your neck healthy and pain free. 

  1. Raise your phone up so you neck can be more upright.
  2. If you work on a laptop, get a laptop holder and wireless keyboard & mouse.
  3. Adjust your seats, work, car, in meetings to be more upright and well supported.

And Number 4! Use a lumbar support if needed, especially on the couch. That’s right, a lumbar roll, pillow or towel at your low back while seated. To see the point of this, try this out while seated — slouch and then straighten your neck. Then straighten your low back up and try straightening your neck. Feel & see the difference?

If all else fails, call us. But try these so maybe you don’t have to.