We want to help with your musculoskeletal patients.

We exist to get people better and make happy patients. To that end, we want to help PCPs with their musculoskeletal patients. In Wales they are piloting placement of physiotherapists directly into general practices. Results from the nine-month trial in four practices found a 16% reduction in referrals to hospital-based services. And nearly 2,000 appointments were made directly with the […]

Hip Arthritis Linked to Excess Mortality per Sanjay Gupta, MD

Hip Osteoarthritis (OA) is linked to nearly 43% of deaths in older adults according to study. Sanjay Gupta points out in Hip Arthritis Linked to Excess Mortality that Hip OA results in decreased physical function and thus leads to cardiovascular disease (CVD) and other issues that in turn lead to an increase in mortality, a gentler way of saying people […]