At San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy we exist to get people better. It’s why we’re here.

We are changing some of how we do that, given the current environment. You can still come in to the office, but we are offering you a remote option via telehealth, as well.

We are doing everything we can to keep you, and us, safe with cleaning, hand washing, and changing linens to minimize any chance of exposure. But we understand there are many people who want to stay at home right now, and that’s why we are offering a telehealth option.

What is telehealth in physical therapy? It is visiting your Physical Therapist remotely via your web browser on your tablet, smart phone, or computer. With a camera and audio, you might be surprised how much we can accomplish together. In addition to normal visits, this is ideal for helping you with your work station setup, especially if you are now working from home. It is also great for your workouts, assessing your outdoor activities, and more, just so long as you have connectivity.

AND, for the next 2 weeks, we will be accepting your normal copay amount. In other words, whatever your insurance would normally cover, we will discount that from your payment amount, even if they do not honor the telehealth visit. We are working hard to get them to cover telehealth for physical therapy. If you want to join us in this effort, you can contact your HR department and ask them to urge your insurance to cover telehealth for all normally covered services. And you can sign this petition to urge Medicare and Congress to do the same.

But back to you. The telehealth platform we are using is Clocktree. It is super simple, requiring no downloads and minimal effort on your part. You sign in via your web browser (like Chrome, Safari, Forefox, etc.) and join your appointment. It might prove faster and more convenient than coming in to the office.

Just call us, as normal, at 415.593.2532 to schedule.

One final request. If we are to make it through this, we need your help. Please share this with your friends, family, and anyone you know who might need our help. And if you are visiting or communicating with your doctor, please share your experience with them.

Check out our profile on Clocktree.