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Find appointment availability online with any of our physical therapists or your other doctors and providers. ScheduleDoc makes it easy to find physicians and their available openings from your computer, tablet or phone, anytime, from anywhere.


With HealthCPA, you’ll never wonder again whether the charges on your bills are correct. We audit every bill and insurance statement to make sure you are not overcharged. The health care billing process is complex, and errors occur frequently. On average, HealthCPA saves families over $1,000 per year, just by staying on top of everything and correcting errors. Tired of waiting on hold? If you would like assistance with a medical billing or health insurance issue, your Advocate will handle all of the necessary phone calls and paperwork for you.

As a HealthCPA member, you won’t have to try to decipher another medical bill or insurance statement again. All of your information will be kept organized and easily accessible on your secure online dashboard, MyHealthCPA.

Apps & Gagdets


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Calorie and exercise tracker

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The Habit Factor

Great for creating new habits around exercise, activity or anything

Chronic Pain Tracker

Chronic Pain Tracker is the most complete pain tracking app available. Intuitive Diary model combined with modular Trackers give you an ideal platform to document your chronic pain history. Generate a complete summary report for your doctor that can be reviewed in the app, or exported as a PDF file for printing or emailing.


Log your food (and activity) wherever you are, using Fitbit’s website and mobile app. You’ll know how many calories you’ve consumed, and how many it’ll take to hit your daily target.

My Pain Diary

Chronic Pain Management


Fitness meter for the whole family, including kids!


Bay Area Medical Providers


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One Medical Group

Multiple Offices in San Francisco

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SportsMed Orthopaedic Group

James L. Chen, MD
Edward Shin, MD

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SOAR – San Francisco

Kenneth Akizuki, MD

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Post Street Orthopaedics and Sport Medicine

Kristin Wingfield, MD
Nicholas Colyvas, MD
Elly LaRoque, MD

Alicia Knee, DPM – Foot and Ankle Surgeon


CA Spine, Sports & Rehabilitation

Marsha Bluto, MD

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Whole Family MD

Avril Swan, MD
Daphne Miller, MD

Pacific Heights Spine Center

Ray Oshtory, MD

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California Spine Diagnostics


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UCSF Internal Medicine

Nicole Appelle, MPH, MD

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The Orthopaedic Group of San Francisco

Marvin Lo, MD
Laura N. Sciaroni, MD

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Lisa C. Capaldini, MD


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UCSF Sports Medicine

Brian Feeley, MD
Anthony Luke, MD, MPH
Benjamin Ma, MD
Christina Allen, MD
Carlin Senter, MD

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San Francisco Orthopaedic Surgeons

William Montgomery, MD
William McGann, MD

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California Pacific Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Robert E. Mayle Jr., MD
Rowan Paul, MD
Keith Donatto, MD
John Belzer, MD
Taylor Smith, MD
Jon A. Dickinson, MD



Sites and Reading


American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists

American College of Sports Medicine


Arthritis Foundation

Spondylitis Association of America

Move Forward