At san francisco sport and spine physical therapy we exist to get people better. And to do that, we ‘do’ physical therapy differently, and we want you to know why.  Doing physical therapy is one thing. Getting someone truly better is much more. We know you aren’t coming to us because you love physical therapy, but because you want to get better in the most efficient and effective way possible. That’s why we exist, to get people better.

We love helping people who have had all kinds of injuries, big and small, from their jaw to their big toes. We pride ourselves on our clinical reasoning, but clinical decisions that don’t include you in the conversation will never work. Whether you are an elite level athlete or just want to get up and down from a chair without losing your balance, we would love to help you.

We’re All Athletes – sfsspt

We have been providing physical therapy in the San Francisco Bay area since 2001. Only physical therapists take care of you here. No aides, no assistants, only fully licensed professionals. And we don’t dovetail or double book our patients. We look forward to helping you!