PT (Physical Therapy) has shown great benefit on many fronts in returning people to optimal function, getting them out of pain, saving health care dollars, and even preventing injuries & re-injuries. Often people don’t know much about PT though, until they absolutely need it and are referred by another health care provider. This is mainly because PTs don’t do a great job of promoting themselves and telling people what they do. PTs tend to be holed up in their clinics and focused on the patients before them, trying to solve that immediate problem, one person at a time.

But there are great resources out there to learn more about prevention, recovery, rehabilitation, and what to do to self manage after an injury. Even if physical therapy might be of benefit or isn’t the right solution.

Move Forwardâ„¢ PT is a website that has articles on everything from shoulder pain, to TMJ, to back pain and recovery from foot surgery. There’s even an interactive body to help people search conditions by body part. There is also an “Ask a PT” page. But you are always welcome to contact us directly instead.

The PEP Program site focuses on ACL injury prevention in young athletes and provides exercises and resources for coaches to implement into their practices to help players become stronger, more agile, quicker, and prevent injury.

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association has great information about physical therapy, physical therapists, and more importantly, what they can do to help you.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association has an elegant definition of physiotherapy and a quick video showing why and what PT can do for people of all ages.

There’s a start, anyway. We’ll make sure to post more resources in future.